1. Team

                   In this game each player must tag the opposing team as many times during the game as they can. Players can tag only players who are on the opposing team.

2. Team Elimination

 This is a team game where players have limited health. When players run out of health, their game ends.

 3. Base Flags

                  The Base Flags Game is a team game where teams attempt to score as many points as possible by tagging an opposition base. Each player will have to start the game in their own base in order to energize themselves.  Players who are energized will then be given 1 life, and must then head to the other teams base and tag it in order to gain a single point. However, as they only have one health point, once they are tagged, they must return to their own base in order to re-energize.

4. Human Flags

                 Based on Base Flags, except that only one player can tag a base to score their team points.   A player from each team tags  their own base in order to become the FLAG. Once accomplised, they need to go to their opponent’s base in order to drop the flag off and score a point. The rest of the team must work together to protect the FLAG, whilst also protecting their own base from the opposing team scoring.