Play at your own risk facility   

1. Children under ages 6 are not permitted to play laser tag.
2. NO running, kneeling, climbing and lying down.
3. NO physical contact with your opponents.
4. Absolutely no food or beverages permitted in the Arena.
5. Guest must complete the entry process at the entrance before being admitted.
6. For the safety of all guests, destructive or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.         Any guests behaving in this  manner will be requested to leave. 
7. For the safety of all, any guest, appearing to be sick or unwell will not be allowed.
8. We suggest players inside with Asthma, Epilepsy, Heart conditions or pregnant                     consult their physician prior to play.
10. The management reserves the right to admission in case of non-compliance of the               rules and regulations or in the interest of  safe and security.
11. To further maintain safety, all children and parents/guardians must adhere to any
      instructions given by the staff at all times.
12. The management of Xtreme Laser will not be held responsible for any loss, theft or             injury inside Xtreme Laser Tag.
13. Only the players can go inside the arena, parents or guardians should wait outside.

*Dress Code
Players must wear shoes, pants and comfortable shirts. Bare feet, flip flops, high heels, tank tops, gloves, hats, balaclavas, masks, etc., are prohibited.  Always use safety goggles and avoid pointing of laser on the face.          
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